About the Youth Programs and Camps Office

East Carolina University is committed to creating a high-quality and safe environment for all individuals visiting University Property or participating in University programs.  The Minors on Campus Regulation establishes standards that focus on protecting the safety of individuals who are under the age of eighteen (18) (“minors”).  The Youth Programs and Camps Office was established to facilitate compliance with this Regulation and centralize the required approval process for all camps, clinics, activities, and programs serving minors, whether affiliated with ECU or conducted on University Property.

The YPCO takes a proactive approach to protecting children and the employees, faculty and staff of the University. The office also works with colleges, departments, and external clients to provide general guidance and support on programming details for youth programs and camps.  This includes referrals on matters related to housing, meals, publicity, pre-registrations, registrations, financial management, transportation and facilities.

Contact Information

Dana Mattern
Jones 011
Email: matterd17@ecu.edu