All members of the University Community and any Covered Individual who knows or reasonably suspects that a minor has been abused or neglected or has information that would lead a reasonable person to believe a substantial threat of abuse, neglect, or inappropriate actions involving minors exists have an absolute obligation to immediately report that suspicion to the appropriate County Department of Social Services (the county where the juvenile resides or is found) or local law enforcement agency, regardless of where the offense occurred. Local law enforcement must be called if there is belief that a crime occurred. The report shall include the following information as is known to the person making the report:

  • Name, address, age of minor;
  • Name and address of minor’s parents or guardians;
  • Name, address, and age of person accused of reported offense;
  • Location of reported offense;
  • Names and ages of other minors present or in danger;
  • Current whereabouts of minor (if not at home address)
  • Nature and extent of any injury or condition resulting from reported offense
  • Any other information in which the officer/report taker feels is relevant in establishing law enforcement involvement

If you encounter a situation in which a minor is in immediate risk of harm or the victim of a criminal act, please contact the appropriate police department by dialing 9-1-1. 

Reports of suspected abuse or neglect occurring on ECU’s campus should be made to the Pitt County Department of Social Services (“DSS”) and ECU Police (252-328-6787), regardless of the residence of the minor involved. Pitt County Social Services can be reached Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm at 252-902-1110 or 252-902-1111. After hours reports can be made by contacting the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office at 252-830-4141 and asking to speak to the Social Worker on Call. 

Reporters must also notify the YPCO when making any of the reports described above. Notifying the YPCO does not relieve reporters of the duty to report under N.C. Gen.Stat. 7B-301. The YPCO can be contacted using the form below.

Note: Reporting suspected child abuse is a protected activity and it is illegal to retaliate against any person who has made such a report in good faith.