1. Establish rules for participant transportation to and from the program assembly location at the beginning and end of the program (e.g., parental permissions required for transporting of children to and from the program by non-parent/non-guardian; person(s) to whom small children may be released).
  2. Assess transportation needs for participants during program/camp.
    • ECU Sponsored or Endorsed youth programs and camps should only use vehicles acquired through ECU Transit
    • Review weather conditions prior to and during travel.
    • Arrange for appropriate loading and unloading sites for the buses, vans, and/or cars to avoid participant loading/unloading in or around traffic.
  3. When using university vehicles, comply with the following:
    • Drivers must be at least 20 years of age and successfully complete the require vehicle training if they will be driving 15-passenger vans or vehicles towing trailers.
    • Driving responsibilities for youth requires a motor vehicle record check prior to picking up keys to the vehicle for use in the program or camp.
    • Provide orientation on the university motor pool policy and related rules.
  4. Personal vehicles must not be used to transport participants of Sponsored or Endorsed youth programs or camps. The University will not reimburse an employee, or other private owner, or their insurer for any deductible or liability claim paid by their personal auto insurance policy, or for any damage to the vehicle.